• Fresh Lavender Bouquets.


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  • Description

    Approximately 24 inches long and approximately 8 inches wide with extra long flower heads.
    To dry your lavender naturally, we recommend hanging your bundle upside down with good air flow.  This method will keep the stems straight and also allow the bundle to dry nicely.  After about 1-2 weeks, the stems should be dry and you can then place them in a vase.

    Alternately, your fresh lavender may be placed in a vase (no water needed) and it will dry naturally.  Keep in mind though, that if there is not enough air flow inside the vase, your stems may get moldy as there is no place for the moisture to go.

    To keep the lavender fresh a little longer, you may place in a vase with very little water (less than 1″).  As the water is used up, the lavender will dry naturally.  As mentioned above, as with any flower stems in water, they may get soft.

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